About Us

Our core value is Integrity and we exemplify this every day by being truthful and doing what is right.

In our eyes every septic problem has a solution and every septic question has an answer.

We will fix anything that can be fixed, even if that fix is starting over with a new system.

Our heads-up honesty and transparent approach save you worry and money.

What We Do

Septic System Repairs

From basic problems to full emergencies, we have the expertise to get your system functioning properly.

Installs & Replacements

Full septic system installations or replacements, done right!

Septic System Maintenance

The best way to ensure the longevity of a septic system is with regular maintenance.

Septic Consulting

Our expertise can guide you through difficult questions and save you money.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this one started with me, John Paul New the Owner and Operator of Synergy Onsite Septic Solutions. Growing up in South and Central Texas I have always had a longing for the outdoors. Whether is was playing baseball, hanging out at the the family’s cabin swimming in the creek or tending to the land trying to make a dollar; as a child I was out in the sun. Later on I realized the greater picture that us Texans are truly blessed.

I left Art school earlier out of fear of being stuck in a cubicle for the rest of my life.  Then as tried my hand as a Chef I soon realized as a young family man I needed a more stable income. Through a family contact I walked into a career in septic. For a little over 6 years I worked with a father/son operation who were leaders in their field. While working for them I realized I loved working septic; as well as I loved knowing not only was I helping people but also helping the environment at the same time. 

Their company had a massive perimeter with a vast diversity in different systems. There I truly learned the craft of septic services and mastered the trade in Sanitation. While working at Texas Septic Services, I met Craig Sellman Owner of Sellman Enterprises and Affordable Concrete, once Master Plumber interim Septic Installer 2,

Pumper and Precaster.  Craig encouraged me to branch out on my own and connected me with Raymond Vallejo of Raymond Vallejo Sr. Septic.  Raymond assisted me in my apprenticeship and acquiring my necessary licenses.  

Since the beginning we have always been a Local Family owned and Operated company.  Slowly I expanded adding Wife Erin and Mother Charlotte working behind the scenes heroes.  In addition to both my brothers Justin and Cody as well as son Korbin and step-son Jude at times.  Eventually we grew to the point we add life long friend and old kitchen conpadre Juan Pablo “JP” Chairez and new septic partner in crime Pedro Arroyo with son Fabian.   Teaming up to what I believe is the best suited septic company in all Central Texas.

Together we make Synergy Onsite Septic Solutions. Our goal is to offer your family Professional, Knowledgeable and Honest septic services and to help you through your sanitationhardships, while preserving the Texas environment and Texan lifestyles for the next generation.

The Family
Pedro and Son Fabian
Poncho and Lefty

Septic Repair Experts


TCEQ Installer 2 and Maintenance Provider

We are licensed Installer 2 and Maintenance Providers through the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.


Over 10 Years Experience

Every problem has a solution and knowing the best answer comes from years of experience.


Local and Family Owned

Live and raised local John Paul and supporting wife Erin have worked together from the start with septic expert Pedro to bring their comminuty the best and most honest in septic services.

“…Now my field is working at about 200% efficiency – about 10 times better than when he arrived. Also, he has explained the system in detail so that I can do some simple maintenance in the future to keep things running smooth and not have to deal with these issues ever again.”

A. Martin – Home Owner

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