How property sellers lost money by skipping the septic inspection.

If you think you can save money by foregoing the septic inspection prior to selling your property, you could be in for an expensive lesson.

Home Owner Saved $1000 By Calling Us.

Recently we had a customer contact us regarding a property he had purchased in order to flip.

A week later his septic alarm started going off. So he contacted another company to come out and they said “you need a new pump and that will cost $1000.00.”

So the customer contacted us for a second opinion. We opened the tank and we immediately spotted the problem  You can see in the photo. The tank had not been sealed properly and the pump had sucked up a rock and jammed the propeller, which tripped the breaker. We removed the rock and the pump started working again. While we were there we cleaned out the roots and rocks, and added properer sealing risers, safety lids and pans.  Now the system looks and works great, and is up to current codes and ready to be sold!

Property Owner Lost Thousands on the Sale

Another property owner contacted us to inspect the septic system prior to selling the property. Our inspection revealed some problems and we quoted the owner approximately $2000.00 for replumbing a 4” line, removal of roots in tank and some other things which would restore the system to a properly functioning condition and be up to code. He decided not do anything and sell as is. He ended up selling the house at a $6000.00 loss because of the estimated septic repairs.

If you are in the process of selling a property, call us first and you could save yourself thousands of dollars.



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