Can a second opinion save you thousands of dollars???


Not long ago our team restored this customer’s septic system.  Another contractor told the new homeowner that the septic system would not make it through the summer before it would be completely backed up and into the home they had just remodeled.  He quoted them a price of $24,000 for a new septic system. Can you imagine how devastating that news would be?

Now to be fair, $24,000 is not a bad price at all but the homeowners had spent all of their savings on remodeling their home.  They contacted us for a FREE second opinion.

We were able to pump out, remove the roots from the tank, add safety rises and lids, and fix the broken pipe that was causing it to back up.  All of this for less than $2,500. Our fix restored the systems usage for a good 2 – 5 years, maybe more.  This allowed the homeowners to save money to replace the system when it actually needed to be replaced ahead in the future.

It was truly a win-win solution.

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