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What Type of Septic System Do You Have?

Three Basic Types of Septic Systems Conventional-Gravity Flow System These are the most basis and typically also the oldest. They consist of tank(s), disposal field(s) and piping that connect the two as well as to the structure. Basic function is separating out the...

Lesson Learned – Get Septic Inspection

How property sellers lost money by skipping the septic inspection. If you think you can save money by foregoing the septic inspection prior to selling your property, you could be in for an expensive lesson. Home Owner Saved $1000 By Calling Us. Recently we had a...

Our Second Opinion Saved Thousands of Dollars

Can a second opinion save you thousands of dollars??? YES Not long ago our team restored this customer's septic system.  Another contractor told the new homeowner that the septic system would not make it through the summer before it would be completely backed up and...

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