Buying a Home or Commercial Property?

Just because the toilets flush, doesn’t mean the property has a healthy septic system. Knowing the state of the septic system before you purchase will help you negotiate the price before you sign the contract.

Septic system Repairs, Maintenance Contracts, New Installs or Replacements and Inspections for Austin and Central Texas.

It can be scary buying a home or property that has a septic on it, especially if you have never lived on septic.

We have a long standing relationship with many Realtors and Brokers who hire us because they know we provide the most transparent info about the property’s septic. Not only do we inspect the system, we also give a thorough breakdown of necessary repairs and estimate the price of those repairs.

Armed with our expert evaluation, purchasers can move ahead with ease and understanding of what they are getting. On many occasions our advice has prevented home buyers from purchasing a septic nightmare.

Our Services

Septic System Evaluation For Property Purchasers:

  • Every evaluation goes through our 42 point Inspection and Water-load Test.
  • We assist in pumping the tanks at market price.
  • If you need official documentation we can acquire documents from the Open Records Department of the local Governing Agency.
  • Your Evaluation includes a fully itemized list of areas or parts of the system that do not meet current codes and/or are non-functional.
  • We include a competitively priced estimate for the repairs needed to make your system fully operational again.
  • If you already had an inspection from another vendor, please give us the opportunity to provide a free estimate as a second opinion.

Buying a Property?


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