Our Septic Services Specialize in:

Septic system Repairs, Maintenance Contracts, New Installs or Replacements and System Well-Checks for Austin and Central Texas.


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Competitively priced and guaranteed services in Septic Repairs, Septic System Installs or Replacement, Maintenance Contracts and Inspections for Williamson County, Travis County Hays County and Central Texas.

Residential and Commercial Property Owners

Repair and maintain your septic system.  Install new or replace your septic system.

Selling Property?

Don’t lose a sale because your septic didn’t pass inspection.

Purchasing Property?

Make sure your property investment septic system is not a lemon.

Is the septic system having an ALARM or BACKING UP?

Our services cover Conventional, Anaerobic, LPD and Aerobic Septic Systems.

We proudly serve the following Texas Counties:
Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Comal, Brazos, Caldwell, Burnet, Blanco, Lee, Guadalupe and Brazos Counties.

Clean Outs

  • Locate, install or repair because broken or damaged

Mainline From House to Tank

  • Repair due to broken or damaged
  • Replumb because of bad slope
  • Unclog clogs
  • Seal pipe at the tank.

Primary Tank

  • Locate or expose
  • Replace or rebuild from cracks or breakages
  • Root removal and seal lid to tank
  • Replace tank lids that have caved in
  • Refinish or restore inside tank the have deteriorated for gas’s corrosion
  • Install, repair or reset Safety Risers and Lids to secure the inspection ports
  • Check the volume of solids and assist pumping
  • Repair or replumb inlet and outlet tees

Secondary, Aerobic and Effluent Pump Tanks

  • Locate or expose
  • Replace or rebuild due to cracks or damages
  • Root removal and reseal lid to tank
  • Replace lids that have caved in
  • Refinish or restore inside of tanks that have deteriorated from gas’s corrosion
  • Install, repair or reset Safety Risers and Lids to inspection ports
  • Repair or replumb inlet or outlet tees
  • Restore Aeration to proper circulation and flow
  • Reconnect or add support to Aerobic Media
  • Repair or replace aerobic defusers or stones tips
  • Install or replace and clean Effluent filters

Control Box and Electrical

  • Diagnose, repair or install any type of Alarm box or Control Panel
  • Move, remote locate or upgrade boxes or panels
  • Hardwiring electrical in junction box and conduit
  • Rewire bad connections causing shorts in the electrical due to ants, dry rot or splicing
  • Repair, reset timers, fuses, relays, wires, switches, buzzer s and alarm light bulbs

Pumps, Floats and Aerobic Pumps or Compressors

  • Diagnose, repair or replace pumps. Including Effluent water, Sewage ejector, Sumb and Grinder pumps
  • Diagnose, repair or replace Aerators and compressor air pumps
  • Repair or replace Pump floats, Overright or Lag floats and High water alarm floats
  • Tether floats to pipe or float tree or weights
  • Clean pump intake, reconnect to pipes
  • Replumb pipes with unions, check valves and pressure regulator
  • Move compressor or replace protective covers and reconnect to air line
  • Repair air hose and sensor

Main Supply Manifold and Disposal Fields or Spray Fields

  • Repair damaged or broken pipes
  • Removal of clogs caused by build up or root invasion
  • Restore disposal fields by blowing out lines or flushing lines
  • Connecting external clean outs to manifold for field additives
  • Repair or replace broken vacuum valves or air releases
  • Move and redesign manifold or fields for construction or addition to property
  • Diagnose cesspools and wet spots
  • Change or switch and or repair any valve whether it is a Auto, hydraulic or manual valve
  • Repair drip hose or reconnect to PVC
  • Replace or install valve box covers
  • Locate, replace, repair or adjust spray-heads
  • Locate or mark disposal fields
  • Install surface water irrigation with Berms or French Drains
  • Restore fields with dirt or loam and or tree and vegetation removal

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